How do I do

How do you put in headings which if clicked on take you to the text in the article?  ie looking for quick link to sections of articles which are long in case people want only a small part of it.

How do you create a link to another webpage?  ie do you use the link chain? I mean webpage – not website.

Is it possible to have a contact – eg email address – that hides your actual email address?  Or can the website have it’s own email address?

Can I change the name of a pdf once it has been uploaded?

Listing minutes:

If these are all saved in pdf format, then they are all going to fit on one page!   Is this seen as an acceptable way of doing things – haven’t spotted any other parish council doing it this way yet, but it does save space on the drop down menus.  Preusmably will not make any difference to the amount of items stored?

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