Phots and pdfs

Hello David


I have totally lost it when it comes to pdfs.  Need to redo this lesson – OK getting them into the media library – it’s from there onto the page.


Having difficulty getting photos onto the page where I want them – having to drag them.  Is this the correct way of doing it or am I missing a trick here?


As long as “save as draft” you can keep saving as in draft – but once published,  how can you “save” as in save as draft a page when you have gone back into it to edit it?

How do I do this?

Looking at other parish websites, came across one that uses a lovely background for its pages – ie instead of this sharp white it used a semi parchment/very expensive looking paper in a creamy shade.  Very effective with royal blue print!  Much much nicer than the stark black and white.  Can we achieve this?

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