Nawton Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on

Monday 15th June 2015, 19.30 at Nawton Pavilion




Chair                      Russ Dickinson


Vice Chairman        Joe Gregory


Councillors             Debbie Swift, John Windress, Anne Marshall, Michael Jackson, Andrew Edwards


Clerk                      Anne Twine



769   Agenda


The agenda for the meeting had been displayed on the Nawton Parish Council notice board since 5th June 2015



770     Election of Chairman

Russ Dickinon was elected Chairman, A Edwards proposed and J Gregory seconded.

Joe Gregory was elected Vice Chairman proposed by J Windress and seconded by A Edwards. The vote was unanimous for both candidates



771     Parishioner presentation

John Purcell informed the Council that Phil Capstick would like a tree in memory of Libby.


772     Minutes of council meeting of 18th May 2015


The Chairman agreed the minutes of the meeting of 18th May 2015. The Chairman signed the minutes and the Clerk added them to the minute book.


773     Code of Conduct and the Ethical Framework

John Windress declared an interest in planning matters



774     Actions from the last meeting


774.1  The Clerk’s timesheet was approved.


774.2  Monthly inspection of Council owned land


All Council Land was inspected and there were no issues to report.

Sycamore tree/Bus shelter

Steve Clements to carry out the work on the seating and finish off the top of the bus shelter.

The Clerk to contact Lady Clarissa, regarding the field maple, early in the autumn. Lady Clarissa has said that she would like to have a brass plate by the tree.



774.3  Wolds View


Following on from a complaint from a parishioner about an extension to a roof at Wold’s View, this has yet to be assigned to anyone at RDC. Still has not been assessed due to lack of staff. Ongoing


774.4  Housing


Proposed development of 27 houses in the field next to Beckett Close.

A draft letter has been drawn up to help with the objection process. This may need to be amended when the application is received. Shepherd Homes have pulled out of the proposed development and assigned it to Galliford Try. The Council has had no further communications about this so there will be no meeting with the developers in June.

Paul Butler will come to a meeting in July as he contacted me too late for me to arrange a meeting for June. The Clerk to ask P Butler what he wants to get out of the meeting and will he be presenting a change of plan.

The parishioners will be notified of the meeting and the time would be brought forward to 7.00pm


774.5  Yorkshire Housing

We have notice of another vacancy at Beckett Close, Nawton.  The property is a 3 bed house. The Council is unaware of anyone in the village needing a property at this time.

The property will be offered to Miss Victoria Spriggs from Kirkbymoorside.


774.6  Parish Council Website


The Clerk sent a letter requesting the free service offered by RDC.

Joe Gregory and Michael Tanner attended the introductory meeting on the 1st June. The training will begin in July.

The Council will feedback on format etc



774.7  Libby Capstick


John Purcell informed The Clerk that Phil Capstick would like a cherry tree possibly on the grass at the start of Chapel Street in memory of Libby for her legacy of many years of service to the village. It was suggested a plaque should be made.


774.8  Insurance


The Clerk contacted Came and Company to see whether they would match Zurichs quotation of £310.44. The company agreed the same price and The Clerk renewed the policy with Came and Company for a long term contract of 3 years.


774.9  Pinfold Hill


The bench at Pinfold Hill is sited next to a waste bin which is used to put dog poop bags in. This makes it very unpleasant to sit near. The Clerk was instructed to enquire about another dog bin. The approximate cost for a bin would be £180+VAT. The Clerk was instructed to contact RDC to find the cost of their bins.


774.10          Dandelions


The Clerk contacted Phil Gospel to ask him to strim the dandelions on the verge opposite Beckett Recreation Ground in order to stop the seeds spreading, when he comes to do his second cut of the month. This was carried out.

Phil Gospel was asked to strim the footpath from Howldale Lane to the field. This was done by someone other than Phil.

The Clerk has left a message on Phil Gospel‘s phone about the cut for this month as the grass is getting very long.


774.11 Sale signs


The Clerk contacted all the estate agents to ask them to move their secondary boards from the Council land as there had been a complaint by parishioners.

Mrs Ridley of Bellamy Park contacted the Clerk about the sign, she stated that the land was not owned by Nawton Parish Council but by NYCC. I explained that there were too many boards and that we were planting a tree there in memory of Libby Capstick.

She said she would have to put a very tall sign over hanging the hedge bordering the A170 as nobody comes into Bellamy Park which could be a danger in high winds.

The Clerk contacted Peter Illingworth at Pickering and he replied that he would get it removed as soon as possible.


774.12             Bridleway

The Clerk sent a letter to Brian Simpson regarding the use of quad bikes on the bridleway. He reported that he does not go down there if it is wet also the hunt and landowners use it.

I contacted Russ Varley of Paths N Yorkshire and he said they may have prior consent but any damage must be repaired by them.

The Clerk received a letter from Brian which is attached as Appendix 1.

The Council asked the Clerk to find out the status of the bridleway and it was suggested that a party of people should get together to repair the bridleway. A reply of our suggestion will be sent to Brian Simpson.


774.13             Guncroft lane

The Clerk reported the state of the road to highways and also contacted Wombleton Parish Council about the issue.




775     Planning

New applications / Enforcement appeals / Discharge of conditions





         Applicant     Mrs M Kilcran

Description  Erection of enclosed porch to the rear following demolition                       of existing porch

Location       The Bield, Chapel Street

Delegatable decision

The Clerk was asked to send a report of no observations to the planning      department.




Applicant     Mrs J Bulmer

Description  Erection of1 three bedroom dwelling together with vehicular                                     access, parking and amenity area

Location       Land rear of 1 Chapel Street, Nawton

The Council have no observations on this application and have informed                the planning department.





          Applicant     Mr N Butcher

Description  Erection of a four bedroom dwelling and detached double                                        garage with storage room above.

Location       Land East of Ashton House, Main Road , Nawton

Delegatable Decision

The Clerk sent an email to say that the Council had no comments



                    Applicant     Mr David Foster

Description  Erection of timber garden shed

Location       12 the Sidings Nawton

Delegatable Decision

The Clerk sent an email to say that the Council had no comments



          Applicant     Mr N Cawthorne

Description  Felling and Pruning Works to Trees

Location       Kirkdale Manor, Nawton

Delegatable Decision



776     Finance


  • Payment for £194.27p to Anne Twine May 2015 Salary
  • Payment for £310.44 to Came and Company (done)
  • Payment for £150 to HPE
  • Payment for streetlighting energy £984.73
  • Payment for streetlighting repairs to 4 lights £220.619



777     AOB


777.1  After the bus shelters bills have been paid, and dependent on the Council’s funds, The Clerk asked if the Council would consider purchasing a defribillator. The Council were in favour of this.


Meeting closed at 9.00pm




Date of next meeting     


20 July 2015 at 7.00pm               21 Sept 2015






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