PDFs etc – what went wrong

I might just have worked out why I was struggling last night – the eureka moment came via the loo where all good thoughts are thought.

HereNow  goes:  OK remembered I needed to get the PDF here by uploading as if it was a photo.  But I am struggling to get it attached.

Sassessmentalt heap   (PDF, whatever)

Aah now the link is highlighted – well it was.  Back up to hover over the blue. That’s right.  But it doesn’t link.

Ok so we will try again:  See, even the photo wants to go up there instead of down here.  Why?  They didn’t do this when I first tried putting in photos.

So why is it up there.  It’s still gone up there. 

Salt heap assessment Salt heap assessment(PDF, 200k)


There is still something I am not doing right.  In fact, everything seems to be going wrong. Can’t work this out.  Giving up.





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