PDFs to insert


Need to use caps when stating it is a pdf as PDF if the correct way of putting it.

Names of documents – do not leave a space – website do not like this. So Arthur Ford should be written Arthur–Ford (except that dash should be below the line!).  Achieve this with Shift and hyphen.

To get PDF onto the website – upload is if it was a photo! 

When inserting PDFs do not use copy/paste drop down menus. Must use shortcut keys.

It is polite at the point where the PDF is inserted to include in brackets the words PDF and the size. See example done with David.

Shortcuts to use with PDF’s

Ctrl a selects ???

Ctrl c copies

Ctrl v pastes

Ctrl x deletes and copies.

Having selected the PDF then use Link (the little chains in the tool bar of icons).

Under 2 megabytes should be biggest size file.

Additonal thoughts – how big is a megabyte?  Hopefully lots bigger than kbs so that I needed more than 10,000 to get a megabyte.

Must remember to copy things before they can get pasted!!!

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