Uploading docs for Lessons


Use the T icon to get rid of formatting. Only use W if want to copy something as original in word.  Do not try copy and straight paste.

Always left justified – makes it easier for people reading website.

Do not underline. Do not use capitals on headings. Use the headings options under the format menu. Use Heading 1 only for Main headings. Use Heading 2 or 3 or sub headings.

Do not use colours other than extremely sparingly- eg red to double double emphasis the word not.

Do not copy anything from an email or a webpage by using the T icon.

Need first to copy such material into Notepad as this strips out all formatting, including hidden background commands.  Find notepad via start menu and then Accessories.

Notepad probably safest way of copying everything to ensure no problems.

To change the way items appear on the drop down menu – go into edit and change the date to the current date. This will bring the item up to the top of the menu.

In other words – be careful – use children and grandchildren etc.

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