recreation field

a new basket swing has been added to the play equipment


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mkjkjlsllPeople that ride horses need to be honest with themselves and admit that riding is not necessary to the horse and therefore they are making use of the horse for entertainment. You cannot justify riding for the horse physical health because the horse can get physical exercises from the ground and you cannot justify riding for “enriched environment” because taking the horse out for a walk does the same thing. You often hear people saying “but my horse loves…” My horse loves going to events, my horse loves having a bit, my horse loves riding etc. I have to be honest; I have seen horses that dislike being ridden way more often than I have seen genuine happy, relaxed horses. I have seen horses highly conditioned, I have seen shut down horses, I have seen horses not standing still for the rider to get on, I have seen horses tense up when being girthed, I have seen horses bolting etc… The saddest thing of all is that theses horses where all ignored by their riders that couldn’t comprehend the meaning of the behaviours or couldn’t see the behaviours (or maybe they didn’t want to see it?). The truth is, we want to believe that our horses are happy to be ridden so we avoid considering that they may not be, and this is the real problem.


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        Amanda Winston (Tuesday, 09 December 2014 18:40)

        Very happy to say that everyone enjoyed the lessons, the ex-racehorse who thinks it is all a lot of fun, Digby who has had years of not enjoying ‘school work!’ Jakub, a novice rider and me, years of horses and still learning.
        So no matter where your help is needed, Alize finds the key 🙂


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