Terrington with Wiganthorpe and Ganthorpe Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on

Monday 21st September 2015


Apologies were received from Cllr Clare Wood

The Chairman welcomed Cllr Wainwright and one member of the public.


The minutes of the meeting held on 13th July were agreed and signed – proposed by Cllr Taylor and seconded by Cllr Winning – all in favour.

Matters Arising

Mobile Communications Mast

Information was received that no planning application had been made to Ryedale District Council


The tree pruning on the road to the west of Terrington had been completed.

Parish Plan

Maggie Farey had left a copy of the final plan report at the shop for information and comments

Pot Holes

NYCC Highways said they were not responsible for the entrance of North Carr Main Street.


Cllr Blunt agreed to contact the Community Pay Back Scheme re the pruning in the cemetery.

Grass Cutting

It was reported that several areas of grass previously cut by North Yorkshire Highways had been cut by Mr Nigel Fargher who would send an account at the end of the season and Cllr Taylor said she would arrange for the remaining areas in North Back Lane to be cut.

Transparency Information

The introductory and the first session re the Parish Council website had been held at Ryedale House.

Litter Bin

A litter bin had been purchased at a cost of £197.77 and was now outside the village shop.


No further information was to hand. The Clerk to contact Jan Pilgrim.

Right of Way

No further action had been taken but Cllr Taylor and the Clerk would investigate.


It was proposed by Cllr Winning and seconded by Cllr Lewis to pay £18.00 to the Village Hall for a meeting – all in favour. £7026.71 to date in the Council bank accounts.


Details were sent from YLCC re information that an officer of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service is willing and able to help the council re the installation of a defibrillator – information would be forwarded to Jan Pilgrim.

Details of the Hovingham Ward Parishes meeting on 29th September were sent.

Information re the winter service – grit bins and heaps was received. The Clerk would contact Highways re the bin at the junction of South Back Lane.

Cllr Robert Wainwright (Ryedale District Council) gave us some information re the savings that would have to be made next year and said more information would be to hand at the next meeting.

Exchange of Information

Pot holes – there had been an incident near the Village Hall due to the condition of the road – the Clerk would contract Highways.

The footpath/road at the bottom of Church Lane was in a very poor condition – the Highways would be contacted.

Bus service – this would be monitored.

Thanks were expressed to Mrs J Gibson for attending the Fracking meeting on our behalf.

A report was distributed to all the Council.

There being no further business the meeting closed.