Introduction to Terrington Parish Council

Where is Terrington?

The village of Terrington is located within the Howardian Hills  Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within Ryedale District in the County of North Yorkshire.

Terrington Parish Council

The village of Terrington is part of the Parish of Terrington with Ganthorpe and Wiganthorpe and has a Parish Council representing all the people in the combined settlements that comprise Terrington parish.

Parish Councillors

The current members of the Parish Council are:

  • Mr W Winning (Chairman) Plump House Terrington YO60 6QB
  • Mr M Blunt (Treasurer) Birdforth Terrington YO60 6PZ
  • Mr S Gibson Birkdale Farm Mowthorpe Terringon YO60 6QE
  • Mrs E Taylor Keepers Cottage Terrington YO60 6PU
  • Mrs R Watson Ganthorpe Hall Ganthorpe Terrington YO60 6QD
  • Mr A Lewis The Hayloft 3 Wiganthorpe Court Wiganthorpe Terrington YO60 6NU


♦ Mrs A Hartas The Pheasantry Terrington YO60 6PU

Telephone 01653 648505 e-mail

Mainstay of the Parish Council, Mrs Hartas is currently undertaking training on their new website.

Isn’t technology marvellous,

said Mrs Hartas after the first course at Ryedale District Council offices in Malton.

Ryedale District Council

You can obtain your local Parish Councillor’s contact details by selecting them from the list below.

“Parish Update” is now available on its own dedicated Parish Update page.

Please notify any changes to the contact details for Parish Council Chairmen or Clerks to: Audrey Adnitt, Business Improvement, email: or telephone: 01653 600666 ext 203.

If the Parish or Town Council has an email address please tell us so that we can email relevant information rather than posting it, helping to save money and paper. Also if your Parish or Town Council has a website please send us the address so that this can also be advertised on our website.



Today we have learnt so far: today is 21st September 2015

Use Password etc to enter the webpage.

Create a post – this could be the Agenda or Minutes for Beadlam PC

The toolbar has easy to use tools to help create a post:

Headings – Use the drop down menu from “Paragraph”

Heading Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

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Number 6

Use the tool bar to change the text – bold, italics, strikethrough, bullets and numbering etc. etc.

Below is plain text from Embroiderers’ Guild – this has been copied and pasted from the web page as PLAIN TEXT – I used “right click” to do this.

“We are an educational charity… introducing people to stitch or enhancing skills
Read More…”